The Domaine d’Audaux is located on a hillside located between the gaves (rivers) of Oloron and Pau, in effect a continuation of the coteaux de Jurancon. The land faces south-south-west, is at around 200m altitude and is made of clay and galets on a flysch subsoil. The top of the coteau is the site of a Neolithic settlement called the Camp de Turon or Camp des Maures, which reputedly holds a treasure still to be unearthed. This land had been planted to vines for many centuries but with the problems following phylloxera and the depopulation of the french countryside, the vineyards have all been abandoned. We believe that this land has great potential to grow grapes again, so we have begun the long and already rather tortuous process of bringing it back to life.

We made our first plantation of Syrah on 16th May 2019 and would love to continue planting more if we can make it a success.